and we’re off!!!

wow.. this has certainly taken a while, and i mean that for everything.. blog, pregnancy, motherhood… the whole bit.

the idea of a blog has been in my head for the longest time and i’ve just let it go around and around,  never actually sitting down and just starting it, until today!

to give you a bit of background, i am a wife and a mom of a perfect 15 month old boy, the love of my life (the wife has gotten over me saying that because she’s just as much in love with him).

i wan to use this space as my escape and creative outlet. it will have a bit of everything, motherhood, food, photography, reflexions… just an eclectic mix of my thoughts, ideas and experiences.

it will not be for everyone and i’m A-OK with that. i will ramble at times and maybe even not make any sense at others. if you can relate, great! if it’s not your cup of tea, great as well.

until next post!



Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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