find your tribe…

you get a car! and you get a car! and you get a car!

🙂 i don’t think there’s anyone in the world that doesn’t know who that makes reference to, it’s only the mega-ultra-famous (and also rich) Oprah Winfrey.

i was a podcast virgin until very recently and boy oh boy, now i can’t seem to stop listening to them; it almost feels like when you first start watching Netflix and you just binge watch shows.. well, that’s been me in the last few weeks, just binge listening to podcasts.

one i was very excited for was Oprah’s Masterclass. i mean wow! what a great podcast. people talking about their life, struggles, experiences, ideologies… i tend to like biographies and biopics so perhaps that’s why this one appealed to me.


so far i’ve listened to the ‘masterclass’ from Ellen, Steve Harvey, Shaquille O’Neal, and today just heard Lynn Whithfield’s. these all have been great but for some reason there was a line in Lynn’s that just stuck with me today so i decided to write about it.

She says: ‘You are born with a family, but you are blessed with a tribe.’ and i wholeheartedly agree.

i have been very blessed to find my tribe, and what a great tribe it is. it is composed by people from my teenage years, and people i met in college, and people i had my first jobs with, and people who i’ve met in recent years but that feel as if i’ve known for my whole life.

i am a fervent believer that as with any relationship you have, you have to work and make an effort to keep your friendships. but also am very aware that not all your friends will remain your friends for life. some people do come into your life for just a season as the saying goes.

for me, it is great to still have a couple of friends from the time i was 12 years old. these two girls (Brenda and Johanna) are people i’d trust my life with; the type of friends that as i once heard: ‘i could come to their door and tell them i killed someone and they’d answer ‘i know where to hide the body’ (just as a disclaimer, i’m not saying i’m killing anyone, just a figure of speech)’.

so yes, i’m very lucky to have found my tribe and i hope you all have found yours.

until next post!


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