this crazy little thing called life…

oh what a rollercoaster it’s been so far.

this is what our little prince Matteo looked when he was about 30 weeks old. as any new parents we wanted (when i say we, i mean just me) to do EVERYTHING we could do to find out what the baby would look like, how he was developing, how he was growing, etc., until the reality of just how expensive all things baby related are.

one thing that i did want to splurge on was a 3-d ultrasound because i just couldn’t wait to see his little features (and secretly because i wanted to 100-check it was a boy as my 20 week ultrasound had said and not a girl as i was expecting/hoping.)

so here it is, his very first picture. the experience of a 3-d ultrasound is a bit surreal. my mind still can’t get over how technicians brush a wand over your belly and you start to make out your baby’s little feet, little hands, button nose…oh it was the best moment of my life thus far.


what made it even more incredible was that i could share it with my family (more on them on later posts). I could send them a link that allowed them to see LIVE my 3-d ultrasound, isn’t that crazy?? needless to say we were all teary eyed and excited by the end of it.

i won’t be posting too many pictures of Matteo here even though he is really the inspiration for the blog, after all he’s made me a mom. up until a few weeks ago i had been sharing all sorts of pics of him online (instagram and facebook) but then one day someone brought to my attention the fact that he is still a baby, can’t give consent to having his picture all over the internet and to be 100% honest made me feel guilty.

hey, maybe i’ll write another post on the many guilts you’ll feel as a mother (not that there are many hahahahhaha)

until next post!





1 thought on “this crazy little thing called life…”

  1. Lol! Someone tried to give me that mommy guilt about pics of D online. To them I said, “if he can choose to tantrum on the floor of the grocery store and embarrass me to death, I can post photos of his naked bum on the internet to embarrass him!”


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