may the odds be ever in your favour…

Nope, not talking about Hunger Games here, though i’m sure it definitely gets to be that fierce and competitive with very little effort.. I’m talking about kindergarten registration in a school out of your district.

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Every time we drove down to the subway station we’d pass by an elementary school that both my wife and I fell in love with and fantasized about our children attending it, only to learn that because we live about 10mins north of if, well, the school is not the ‘home school’ assigned to our kiddos according to our address.

And I get it, I guess i understand the boards don’t want certain school becoming so overpopulated that they’d have to turn students away, then again, i am not sure why the disparity in ratings for schools. I mean, the curriculum is supposed to be the same taught across the board, we live in a metropolitan city which should have some sort of a standard when it comes to education… apparently not.

So here we are, dealing with kindergarten registration and having to deal with out of district applications. Why, you ask? Couple reasons actually, for starters our ‘home school’ apparently is in the process of getting demolished (to be rebuilt) and will be running out of a different building and also its rating of 2/10, yup, 2 out of 10. And while i understand some of these ratings are to be taken with a grain (or pound) of salt, it does make me wonder why such difference in ratings from school to school.

Alas, here we are, will be a few weeks still until we know if the kiddo got into one of the two schools we applied to and i shall keep you posted.

Until next post…

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