… night and day…

My kids could not be any more different; and yes i know they are two different people and I’m not crazy enough to think the’d be/behave the same.. i guess i was just not expecting such a huge difference.

Our boy, our sweet little boy did offer some challenges when he was a newborn. Because he was a forceps baby, he couldn’t latch properly and without a word of a lie, his feeding routine took about an hr, between feeding from each breast and then having to pump right after for another 10 to 20 minutes. But i think that was the most we had to struggle with, from there he’d nap okay and soon enough he was falling asleep on his own and i could do things! I could cook. I could clean. I could chill.

our little girl… girl oh girl… challenge and a half! She is the definition of a demanding baby, my arms are done by the end of the day from carrying her around and there’s just no pleasing her sometimes. Feeding was not a challenge for her, she was delivered unassisted and latched to the breast almost instantaneously. But on every other front just a high high need baby, she needs to be rocked and lulled to sleep; and needs to be constantly in contact with her milk factory… me.

With her I’ve had to forgo some of my past expectations like being able to cook and clean and given myself permission to not feel bad about it; and I’m napping most days with her (only way she naps longer than 40 minutes) to try and catch up with my sleep.

And speaking of sleep, heading up to bed now before her first waking and milk maid duty kicks in.

Until next post…

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