The long blurry days of COVID

Is it just me or these days just feel like a motionless and emotionless group of hours that become days that become weeks that have become months and which in a few short weeks will have become a year?

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I can’t believe it’s coming up to a year of dealing with social distancing, testing, sanitizing and also all sorts of anxious thoughts about the well being of family members and friends.

This year of isolation, stay at home orders, states of emergency, line ups has really taken a toll on most people’s psyches, and with very good reason. The other day while getting an adjustment, my chiro was telling me about a friend’s brother who after dealing with all the things that have come along with COVID, is now bedridden with anxiety and stress – a 31 year old man, firefighter, who up until a few months ago had his entire career in front of him – in short, COVID has been harsh.

And lets not even begin to talk about the parents who these days have to be parents, teachers, therapists, while also trying to maintain a job so they can provide for their families. I am lucky enough that in the thick of it i started my mat leave and the kiddo could go back to daycare.

To say it’s been a challenging year would be the understatement of not the year but the century. But i remain hopeful that soon enough, as the weather gets warmer and days get longer things will start to feel less bleak. As a species we are quite adaptable and perhaps this is just one more of the challenges to surpass.

For now i shall continue dealing with my endless days of broken sleep, infant amusement, diaper changes and social distancing.

Until next post…