to each their own… but..

so, i’m not a hater by any means…. and i do try and apply the principle that each person is owner of their own lives and is free to live it in the best way they see fit (really getting into Dr. Wayne Dyer’s teachings, more on that at a later post).



why??? just that.. why??

do not get me wrong, i’m a huge supporter of fashion and might have even once in a while indulge in a few fashion fads myself, but this is one i just can’t seem to get.

i do have a pair of ‘distressed’ jeans… but you know what they look like? like an actual pair of jeans that are okay to be worn. not like a pair of jeans that have just been in the fight of their lives with a hungry bear.

as much as i try to understand the point of wearing pants that only cover half or a third of your quads, i just can’t (if someone would like to explain, i’m open to it).

i think i appreciate the notion of pushing ideas and out of the box thinking expressed via fashion and wanting to cause a reaction, however i’m not sure this causes the right reaction. i was walking into a pizza parlour the other day as two girls were leaving, and wouldn’t you know, one of them was wearing a pair of jeans like these (actually they seem to be even more ‘distressed’ as part of the shin area was also gone.) i did have to do a double-take to make sure i was seeing what i was seeing, just about 3/4 of the front area gone… just the actual legs showing.

and i think perhaps i am starting to date myself and getting to that point of no return of full out adulthood but am i grateful to know that ‘this too shall pass’?? you bet! (i still remember ‘unique’ shorts with the pockets showing… like c’mon! really???)

until next post!