is it summer yet?

are you just as done with this winter as i am??

i’m badly longing for the days when i don’t have to put on 10lbs of extra clothing to protect myself from the inclement weather… and not having to wrestle the kiddo in the morning to get his jacket on.. just his jacket, he’s fine with his scarf (or shall i say neck warmer) and his hat… jacket though, he has issues with (mind you the struggle has lessened these days.)

oh this kiddo.. it was a harsh winter for him (and ME!). so we all know how it goes.. the kiddo gets into daycare and within 1.3hrs he will be sick (fine, i may be exaggerating a bit you you all know i’m right!!)

it feels like he’s been constantly sick for the past 9 months, like constantly. when i brought this up with the paediatrician, he asked ‘has he had one or two days that he gets better between these colds?’.. so of course my answer is yes, because he did get the odd ‘better’ day.. so he said yup.. that’s daycare for you… daycare kids’ colds are like little mountains ranges, and their ‘better’ days are the valleys, but guess what? there’s another peak coming right up.

oh the joy!

while these virus, viruses? virai? (whatever the plural is) manifested in him as lots of green mucous and colds and coughs… guess who got pink eye? yup.. yours truly. i never knew it was possible to get pink eye pretty much back to back to back for a total of 3 times within 6 weeks. honestly i have a new found respect for the daycare workers who i’m sure are constantly sick when they first start at these centres.

but here we are at last (and watch you me i’m jinxing it as i write this)… it’s been about 2 weeks since the last bout of cold/cough/snot… so there’s hope people! there’s hope! he’s finally gotten into a nice routine of being a happy kiddo, eating lots, getting heavier by the minute it seems, and boy does he have energy (we gotta find a way of harvest all that energy and transfer it to the parents.)

IMG_5272this is where i’ll end this post, i have so much more to write but i won’t bore people with my rambling… i will make an effort to try and post more often.

until next post!


tired as a mother…

ok.. one word.. exhausted!

i kid you not, feels like our kiddo has had one cold/cough right after the other for the past 3 months, ever since starting daycare; and i guess that’s exactly what happens, but man, oh man.. i’m feeling it.


this cold (feels like #100) started a couple days ago, and funnily enough they seem to coincide with teething, growth spurts, and the great wonder weeks/leaps (fyi.. there’s absolutely nothing wonderful about these weeks/leaps…more on wonder weeks later.)

so yeah, last night started like every other night, then he woke up at 10pm, then at midnight, then at 3am, then at 4:30 am, then he just wasn’t able to settle back down and i was just too tired to even try anything else at that point. my wife did try and get him to settle down after 5:00am but it was pointless, he was fully awake and ready to start his day.

now, as much as i appreciate and welcome friend’s suggestions to add more veggies and fruits to his diet… this is mostly what he eats. we actually have a hard time with protein, seems there’s something about the texture of chicken/beef that just doesn’t appeal to him (and most kids apparently.)

and he’s also taking a multivitamin/immune system booster and probiotics… so trust you me, i don’t think it’s lack of nutrients, but there must be something that could help him a bit more no? or am i just doomed to the perpetual cold/snot factory?

oh what i did make and started giving him was a simple syrup with onion/sugar (my friend Violetta had suggested it before, check out her food blog, she’s a fantastic cook .. it honestly seems to be helping him… a doctor did suggest at one point giving toddlers a teaspoon of honey to help with that pesty dry cough that seems to only affect them at night, i guess this syrup works similarly with the added benefits provided by the onions (antiviral, anti-inflammatory and expectorant.)


if you want to give it a try, just grab an onion, slice it about 1/4 inch think and just layer sugar/onion/sugar, in a container with a lid (small mason jar works great). close the jar tightly, and just let it sit there for 8-10hr or overnight… it stinks! but it tastes very sweet (i guess all the sugar) and just give them a spoonful every couple hrs ad needed.

i know it feels like i’m complaining a lot but it’s disheartening to see him struggle against the never ending supply of boogers and drooling (omg, so much drool.) we are lucky in that he hasn’t stopped eating, thankfully! i still remember our short encounter with hfmd  (hand-foot-mouth-disease) a few weeks ago and that is a circle of hell i wouldn’t want to ever visit again.

so that’s where we are now… me with about 8hrs of sleep in the past 48, and trying to remain functional at work… oh the joy and the happiness.

until next post!


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