Can we just catch some zzzzzz??

sleep regressions are killers.. am i right? Or am i right???

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I honestly do not remember going through such a harsh sleep regression with our boy; and i know, i know every kiddo is different but holy smokes this has been harsh, i feel like I’m going to be left with a very crooked spine from all the rocking trying to soothe baby girl and with bags under my eyes so big that no amount of concealer will be able to hide.

I keep trying to remember what it was like with our boy but i can’t recall ever going through this with him, as i mentioned before he had a very different temperament, much easier to settle on his own, etc. Well, this baby girl is testing all sorts of things in me, strength, patience, endurance, stamina, and even my thoughts on co-sleeping.

Right up until 4.5 months ago i was a firm believer of not sharing beds with the kiddos but guess what?? As i approach my glorious 40s, there are some things i cherish….one of them: sleep. It’s been over 4 years of not really fully sleeping – did you know a mom’s brain actually changes after having children? The changes allow for her to become acutely aware of the children’s needs, even if they are at a distance, and perhaps the reason why many women swear they can hear their kids when they are showering, or what makes mom have that ‘eye on the back of their head’ and know when the children are up to mischief.

So yeah, i have been letting baby girl sleep in our bed for at least a couple hrs, most nights, just so we can all get some shut eye and rest assured that i take all precautions when bringing her into out bed. It is so true what they say about everything changing with the second child, you become ‘softer’, more lenient, less rigid about rules and past beliefs… then again you are just so darn tired…

Until next post…

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